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Friday Linkspam

Before we get to today’s linkspam, I have a quick announcement: I’m now covering Wilfred and Haven for the fantastic new online magazine Wit&Fancy, so if you’re looking for my weekly reviews for Wilfred they’ll now be exclusively over there. Please check out the other articles when you stop by, it’s a terrific magazine created by smart, witty ladies that covers a wide variety of subjects from a young, female perspective.

Now as Miranda Hart would say, on with the show:

+Jane Espenson Introduces First Marriage Equality Comedy

Husbands from former Buffy writer Espenson and Brad Bell will debut online in September and be comprised of eleven episodes, each one two minutes in length for a total of 22 minutes—the standard length of a traditional sitcom pilot, and hopefully a big hint to networks if it turns out to be as cool as everything else Espenson touches.

+ SMG Clones Herself for Ringer

No, not really. Come on, guys. In other SMG is awesome news, she’s the latest celeb to agree to return to All My Children for its swan song.

+ 8 Things We Learned at Hart of Dixie Press Tour

Rachel Bilson’s new show is just one of several new shows set in the deep south. The trailer made me cringe, but Bilson’s charming as always. Personally, I’m more interested in Good Christian Belles (previously, more promisingly titled Good Christian Bitches) starring my beloved Kristin Chenoweth.

+First Look at American Horror Story

I was already excited about this project, but now that Tim Minear is on board, I’m going to have to start counting down the days to October 5th.

+ Downton Abbey: A Touch of Class

One lucky reporter’s recap of a recent visit to the set.

+ Freedom in an Unfree World: A Libertarian Examination of Firefly

Today’s Smart Pop Essay is well worth a read for Firefly fans.

+ Finally, I think I’ve shared this video on every social media site on the web now, but I just can’t get enough of it.

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Friday Linkspam

I took a brief hiatus this week to work on a personal project, but with all the juicy tidbits and trailers coming out of Comic Con this weekend, I couldn’t resist popping in long enough to compile a super sized edition of the Friday Linkspam. Below you’ll find links to trailers, teases and articles with all the latest news coming out of San Diego (and elsewhere).

+ BBC censoring “Torchwood” Sex Scene, Americans Suddenly Feel 90% Less Stodgy

Tonight’s episode of “Torchwood” is rumored to contain the series’ steamiest sex scene ever, but fans watching on the BBC will be none the wiser. The scene will be cut to “protect the children,” but should they really be watching “Torchwood” in the first place? Did their parents not see what happened in the mini-series? Perhaps, parents showed it to their kids as a cautionary tale. If that’s the case, Britian’s children must be freakishly well-behaved now.

+ “Game of Thrones” Comic Con Panel Recap

The cast talks about the future of the series, staying faithful to the books and why we won’t be seeing the lengthy battle scenes Martin so enjoys penning.

+ Showtime debuts sneak peek of new series “Homeland”

The new series stars Claire Danes, Damien Lewis, Morena Baccarin and Mandy Patinkin, and focuses on the aftermath of a POW’s homecoming and a potential terrorist conspiracy. Fun stuff.

+“Wilfred” Director Teases “Lost”-esque Finale

It sounds like “Wilfred” is going to get even weirder soon.

+ABC Releases Nifty Batch of Posters for “Once Upon a Time”

+ Five Things You Should Know About The CW’s “Secret Circle”

I would also add, we should be aware that the pilot will most likely be terrible, but if it follows in the footsteps of its sister series “The Vampire Diaries,” it will become unexpectedly awesome by episode five.

+SMG Talks “The Ringer”

Gellar returned to Comic Con this year to talk up her new noir-flavored series.

+ “The River” writer Michael Green, Drops Some Hints About the Promising Mid-Season Series.

This is an excellent interview with Green. “The River” is easily the new show I’m most looking forward to watching. It’s just too bad it’s not debuting in the fall.

+FX Orders Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story”

FX has officially picked up Murphy’s new horror series starring Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton. It’s set to debut in October.

+Can Comic Con Save the “Locke & Key” series?

Fox passed on the “Locke & Key” pilot, but the creators are hoping positive buzz might bring the project back from the dead.


No matter how repetitive “Dexter” gets, I can’t seem to let this series go. The promo offers us a brief glimpse of Colin Hanks and Mos Def in action, and in case you couldn’t tell, this year’s theme is religion. The promo’s so subtle you may have missed that.

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